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The following articles feature interviews and reports on Natera and our technology:

  • The Panorama Test (October 2015): The Pregnancy Corner
  • Down Syndrome Blood Test... (September 2015): Wall Street Journal
  • Knowing matters when starting a family (August 2015): WFLA NBC Tampa
  • 5 Common Misconceptions About PGS and PGD You Need to Know (August 2015): Huffington Post
  • Call Me Mom BUD (Baby Under Development)! (June 2015): Mom Confessionals 
  • Gender Reveal (May 2015): Whimsey & Hope
  • Prenatal Screening with Panorama (April 2015): Emotional Mojo
  • What couples starting a family should know about prenatal testing (February 2015): SFGate
  • What are Prenatal tests Really Telling You (December 2014): The Bump
  • Panorama is a new Prenatal test that provides "fewer stressful false positives by looking at the baby's DNA" (December 2014): American Baby
  • Panorama screens for 22q11.2 deletion syndrome and is the only NIPT that separates mother's and placenta DNA (October 2014): Fox News
  • The Latest on Genetic Testing via Noninvasive Prenatal Tests (October 2014): Parenting
  • The Future of Diagnosing Genetic Disorders: Non-Invasive Prenatal Genetic Testing (August 2014): The Doctors Channel
  • First trimester gentic screening available with blood test (May 2014): Chicago Parent
  • Natera Selected as a 2013 Fierce 15 Device and Diagnostic Company (October 2013): Fierce 15
  • Natera Expands Panorama™ to Include Detection of Triploidy, Following Publication of Validation Data in Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy (October 2013): National Post
  • The next big thing in pregnancy: Sequencing your baby's genome (August 2013): Fortune
  • Genomic testing reaches into the womb (July 2013): Nature Biotechnology
  • With Down syndrome diagnoses comes a wrenching choice (May 2013): USA Today
  • Q & A with Natera’s Chief Technology Officer, Jonathan Sheena (May 2013): MedGadget
  • New DNA-based Prenatal Test: Another company has launched a non-invasive DNA screen for genetic disorders in unborn babies, adding to the competition in an emerging market (March 2013): The Scientist
  • New Blood Test May Signal End of Invasive Prenatal Testing (February 2013): U.S. News & World Report LP