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Down syndrome sensitivity (T21) >99%  
Edwards syndrome sensitivity (T18) >99%  
Patau syndrome sensitivity (T13) >99%  
Turner syndrome sensitivity (mX) 91.7%  
Triploidy detection Yes  
Male >99.9%  
Female >99.9%  
Sex Chromosome - extra copy Yes  
22q 11.2 deletion syndrome / DiGeorge Syndrome 95.7%  
1p36 deletion syndrome / Angelman syndrome / Cri-du-chat syndrome / Prader-Willi syndrome 93.8->99%  
How early can the test be used? 9 weeks  
Diagnostic No  
Turnaround time 7-10 calendar days  

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1. Excludes mosaicism.
2. From sales material. No peer reviewed data available.
3. Final results in 7-10 calendar days for most laboratories.
4. 4 business days for most laboratories.
5. Preliminary test results available within 1 week of the first blood draw. Final results available in 6-7 weeks from the first blood draw.

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Natera's Panorama™ test offers a safe, non-invasive, accurate alternative to prenatal screenings such as Verifi®, Harmony, MaterniT21, NIFTY, quad screening and both sequential and integrated serum screening.

Clinical data published in Prenatal Diagnosis shows that Panorama has greater than 99% combined accuracy when screening for Down syndrome (T21), Edwards syndrome (T18), Patau syndrome (T13) and Turner syndrome (monosomy X), and is the only non-invasive prenatal screening test that can accurately detect triploidy.

Panorama now can also screen for several microdeletions, including 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, also known as DiGeorge syndrome.

Choose any of the other prenatal screening technologies above to learn how it compares to Natera's safe and accurate alternative.

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